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static synchronized Map<Integer, AbstractShell> org::python::pydev::editor::codecompletion::shell::AbstractShell::getTypeToShellFromId ( int  relatedId  )  [inline, static, private]

relatedId the id that is related to the structure we want to get
a map with the type of the shell mapping to the shell itself

Definition at line 153 of file AbstractShell.java.

References shells.

Referenced by getServerShell(), putServerShell(), and stopServerShell().

              Map<Integer, AbstractShell> typeToShell = shells.get(relatedId);
              if (typeToShell == null) {
                  typeToShell = new HashMap<Integer, AbstractShell>();
                  shells.put(relatedId, typeToShell);
              return typeToShell;

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