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org::python::pydev::editor::codecompletion::shell::PythonShell Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::python::pydev::editor::codecompletion::shell::PythonShell:


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Detailed Description

Fabio Zadrozny

Definition at line 20 of file PythonShell.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized void changePythonPath (List pythonpath) throws CoreException
synchronized void clearSocket () throws IOException
synchronized void endIt ()
synchronized Tuple< String,
List< String[]> > 
getImportCompletions (String str, List pythonpath) throws CoreException
Tuple< String[], int[]> getLineCol (String moduleName, String token, List pythonpath)
 PythonShell () throws IOException, CoreException
synchronized String read (Operation operation) throws IOException
synchronized void restartShell () throws CoreException
synchronized void sendGoToDirMsg (File file)
synchronized void shutdown ()
synchronized void startIt () throws IOException, Exception
synchronized void write (String str) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static synchronized AbstractShell getServerShell (int relatedId, int id) throws IOException, Exception
static synchronized AbstractShell getServerShell (IPythonNature nature, int id) throws IOException, Exception
static synchronized void putServerShell (IPythonNature nature, int id, AbstractShell shell)
static synchronized void shutdownAllShells ()
static synchronized void stopServerShell (int relatedId, int id)

Static Public Attributes

static final int BUFFER_SIZE = 1024
static final int COMPLETION_SHELL = 1
static final int OTHERS_SHELL = 2

Protected Member Functions

synchronized void communicateWork (String desc, Operation operation)
synchronized String createServerProcess (int pWrite, int pRead) throws IOException
synchronized Tuple< String,
List< String[]> > 
getCompletions () throws IOException
synchronized Tuple< String,
List< String[]> > 
getInvalidCompletion ()
synchronized String getProcessOutput ()
synchronized Tuple< String,
List< String[]> > 
getTheCompletions (String str) throws CoreException
synchronized String read () throws IOException
synchronized void sleepALittle (int t)
synchronized void startIt (int milisSleep) throws IOException, Exception

Protected Attributes

Process process
File serverFile
ServerSocket serverSocket
Socket socketToRead
Socket socketToWrite

Static Protected Attributes

static final int DEBUG_SHELL = 2
static final int DEFAULT_SLEEP_BETWEEN_ATTEMPTS = 1000
static Map< Integer, Map
< Integer, AbstractShell > > 
shells = new HashMap<Integer,Map<Integer,AbstractShell>>()

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